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Our mission is...
to meet or exceed customer expectations without exception, while developing a relationship based on commitment and professionalism.

Our parent company, Belson Steel Center Scrap, has been in business for over 50 years and has long standing relationships in the industry and within the Chicago area. Their Bourbonnais facility processes over 4,300 tons each month. In January of 2010, Belson expanded their processing capacity by opening a new operation, Chicago Heights Processing, in Chicago Heights, IL.

Our 16 acre facility was opened so that we might be better able to serve our customers and expand our market share by serving the railroad industry. At our facility, we have a 3,500 foot rail spur located on the Union Pacific (rail address UP 853). We have successfully serviced many customers within the rail industry, including:

1) Watco Companies. We completed the purchase of more than 200 railcars for demolition on a contract valued in excess of $2 million. Contact person for this transaction is Todd Poland. We are currently in the process of completing the demolition of over 50 railcars and 10 locomotives at various field sites located in Kansa, Oklahoma, and Texas.

2) OmniTrax In September 2011, we signed a Complete Service Master Agreement for all North American railroads owned by OmniTrax and their subsidiaries.

3) Southern Illinois Railroad During 2010, Belson purchased various railcars for delivery and demolition at the Chicago Heights Processing facility.

4) Kankakee Beaverville & Southern Railroad. In early 2011, we purchased several railcars for on-site demolition in Kankakee Illinois.

5) ADM. During the last quarter of 2010, we purchased and dismantled locomotives on-site in Ottawa, Illinois.

6) Motive Power Resources. We currently have a working agreement to dismantle all railcars and locomotives for this industry leader throughout the State of Illinois. To date, this has included 6 locomotives and several railcars.

7) Dequeen and Eastern Railroad. We have purchased and are removed approximately 300 tons of rail in Arkansas on behalf of this utility.

Besides our own employees, we maintain a network of qualified contractors throughout the country in order to provide service wherever it is needed. All of these contractors are recognized industry professionals that maintain the highest levels of safety and customer satisfaction.

We would like to assure you that Belson Steel Center Scrap and Chicago Heights Processing are committed to offering superior service, as well as excellent customer satisfaction. We are financially and operationally large enough to handle the largest of material purchases, but small enough to allow you to reach senior level managers and owners with one phone call. This is a unique combination that is not found elsewhere in the industry.

We look forward to doing business with you and will work hard to continue earning that right every day.